Main Coils

Sept. 26, 2019, 8:46 a.m.

MGF Plast PE Pressurized Coil Pipes are manufactured from PE raw materials and are resistant to operating pressure of 6 and 10 Atu with a diameter of 20-110mm. Connections are made with suitable diameter Coupling Materials on our site. Resistant to chemicals, sunlight, fertilizer and mechanical stress, UV resistant material was used.

PE Coil Pipe; In irrigation systems, it is the intermediate element that transmits water from the main water outlet to the lower pipes. The reason it is black is because the water is not algae. It is not fragile. It does not lose its feature on the soil for many years thanks to the additive that provides resistance against Uv (harmful rays of the sun). Our company produces PE coils from 6mm to 10mm in sizes from 16mm to 110mm.